VFX Course

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VFX Course

You want to make a world far beyond galaxies or in the depth of ocean, deep inside the Earth or you want to show Flying superheroes and never before seen creatures . They all are results of VFX ( Visual Effects) .VFX industry is especially on the rise as it is entering new areas in media ,entertainment and Gaming . Welcome to best vfx college in chennai and Tamil Nadu. we have specially crafted courses long term and short term, best suited for your aspirations in our best Animation and vfx institute in chennai. Our Fees is simple , affordable and transparent .

Best VFX Course - ADVFX PLUS – 576 HOURS

AD VFX Plus is a career course which is designed keeping in mind all the fundamentals and advanced skills required to be a successful VFX artist . We have aligned all our VFX courses as per the industry standards. Our syllabus is divided into .

  • PRE – PRODUCTION Character’s | Storyboarding | Animatics .
  • PRODUCTION Modeling (computer Generated (CG) backgrounds, characters, and props as per pre-production plan) Texturing Lighting  Rendering
  • POST – PRODUCTION Compositing | Sound | Editing.