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Graduates , Post Graduates , who are Immediate job seekers , Working professionals, Ex-service men who wish to upgrade themselves or learn new technology, house wives who want to help their house earnings or retired who are looking for second innings of creating wealth and finally students of any class who want to enrich their knowlege and skill which will help them to do better we have job ready short term courses.


In Modelling and Texturing we help you to create 3D Models , animate them . Join this course if you have an ambition to become video game designer or animator.

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Content Software Career Options
Art & technical aesthetics Autodesk Maya 3D Modelling Artist
Inorganic modelling Zbrush paint artist
Digital sculpting Autodesk Mudbox Texturing and Rigging artist
Stylised and low-poly character design Character design artist


Lighting offers life to the character and condition. We train with you real venture like circumstances and activities . From key of elementary shading and lighting we train you to end up master in lighting.

Content Software Career Options
Fundamentals of lighting design Autodesk Maya 3D Modelling Artist
CG lighting Lighting artist
Shaders Texturing and Rigging artist
Lighting environments Character design artist
Production tips and tricks Character design artist


If Animating what ever you visualize is your passion. You want to create your film, you want to give life to your imagination.this course have been designed to take you through entire process of animation with maya software which class as well as projects.

Content Software Career Options
Animation foundation Autodesk Maya 3D Modelling Artist
Character animation and body design Lighting artist
Advanced performance animation Texturing and Rigging artist
Basic performance animation 3D Asset modelling artist


Stereoscopic film making has presented a completely new arrangement of film making strategies, guidelines, and altering forms. You will figure out how to make a figment of three-dimensional profundity from two arrangements of two-dimensional pictures. The course isn't bound only to the media business. It mJakes openings in the field of science and technology as well.

Content Software
Digital enhancement Adobe Photoshop
Basics of compositing Nuke
Adobe After Effects Fusion
Depth creation for 2D/3D Silhouette
Conversion Mocha
Clean plate creation PFTrack
Advanced node-based compositing
Match moving
Planar tracking


This is one of our most favored courses in multimedia where, you can gain proficiency from basics to advanced stages of film making, A hands-on involvement on programming like Photoshop, Adobe, Rotoscopy etc make you a specialist. You can function as a cinematographer, executive, maker, and screenwriter.

Content Software
Pre-production Adobe Photoshop
Basics of compositing Adobe After Effects
Concepts of filmmaking Adobe Audition
Sound Editing Adobe Premiere
Clay animation
Concepts of non-linear editing
Digital design


DESIGN VIZ PRO enables you to understand how 3D structures of products and buildings is made. most of the architects and civil engineers and interior designers opt for this course.You can open your design studio or work for established housing industry.

Content Software
Video Editing Adobe Photoshop
BIM (Building Information Modelling) 3ds Max
Interactive design Autodesk Revit
Photoshop for texturing Introduction AutoCAD
Overview of architecture V-Ray
3D design visualisation Unity
Real world lighting simulation


Course makes you to learn and gain photography aptitudes to top the business. It gives a comprehensive essentials of advanced photography, similar to camera highlights and its utilization. The educational program incorporates Standards of photography, Essentials of Photograph Altering, Representation and Item Photography, and Out door photography.

Content content
Principles of photography Fashion photography
Auto and manual focus Product Photography
Portrait and product photography Still life photography
Working with ISO Photo journalism
Framing and composition Wedding photography
Fundamentals of photo editing Wildlife photography
Depth of field
Studio lighting techniques
Rule Of Third
Concept of aperture and shutter speed
Outdoor photography


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