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Welcome to best Multimedia college in Tamil Nadu, As Multimedia applies to mix digital, print, audio and video production. Our Multimedia Courses are focused , easy affordable fees. long term and short term duration as per your aspiration. Syllabus includes design theory, drawing or illustration, typography, advertising, motion desig. n and art history. Depending upon the program concentration, you also might study digital photography, 3-D modeling and animation, video production or web content development. A career in multimedia involves audio digital, print and/or video production. Video editors, web designers, and illustrators. Join the best multimedia and animation classes and give wings to your dreams ..


DPW3D is a course in Print Web and 3D animation or multimedia. In case your dream job is to work as a 3D Illustrator or a Correspondence Creator in an organization, . This course teaches and trains you the essentials of drawing, ideas of plan and outline, ideas of web planning, and much more. Our best multimedia institute in chennai offers a comprehensive program in Print Web and 3D Liveliness. The individuals who wish to make a profession in web designing,communication structuring or in application planning, can take up the course.

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Content Software Career Options
Fundamentals of Drawing Adobe Photoshop Digital Storyboard Artist
Vector Art Illustrator Illustrator Artist
Website Development Adobe Dreamweaver Packaging Designer
Website Architecture Adobe Audition UI Designer
Layer Based Compositing Lumion Visualiser
Lighting Adobe InDesign Advertising art director
Texturing HTML Graphic Designer
Concepts of Design and Illustration Adobe Animate CC 2D Animator
Interactive Presentation Adobe After Effects Page Layout Artist
Basics of Filmaking 3ds Max UX Designer
Design Visualization Corel Draw 3D Animator/Modelor
Animation Adobe Premiere Designer for interactive E-learning
Layout Design JavaScript Web Designer
Desktop Publishing SketchUp Mobile Content Designer
Concepts of Designing for Web Template Designer
The Art of Editing App Designer
digital design Sound/Video Editor
Motion Graphics
3D Modeling & Texturing
Rendering Solutions
Rendering Solutions


Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design (APDMD) gives a thorough, 360 degree learning in multimedia, opens door for broad employment in making responsive website composition, 2D activity and print. APDMD is a vocational course at MAAC that transforms you into a professional artist / web designer etc who can give a rich customer experience to its web clients. It is one of those professional courses, where you will be acquainted with the most recent patterns in the web and designing industry like computerized production, expanded reality, portable applications and intelligent web content. It is the best graphics designing course in chennai



Character’s | Storyboarding | Animatics



Modeling (computer Generated (CG) backgrounds, characters, and props as per pre-production plan) ,Texturing , Lighting , Rendering



Compositing | Sound | Editing.

Content Software
Semester 1 Adobe Photoshop
Fundamentals of Design & Drawing Adobe Illustrator
Concepts of Graphic & Illustration Adobe Dreamweaver
Image Editing Adobe Audition
Graphic Design JavaScript & JQuery
Page Layout PHP
Semester 2: Certificate in Web & Interactive Design Course Story Board Pro
Concepts of Web Design Adobe Animate CC
Webpage Designing HTML
Interactive Design CSS
Video Editing MySQL
Sound Editing Harmony
Web Animation Adobe InDesign
Front End Design Adobe Premiere
Minimalist Design Layer
Semester 3: Advanced Web wordpress
Responsive web design
Advanced front end design & development
Animation & interactivity for web
Desktop/mobile/tab/front-end design & development
Interactive digital publication
Essentials of PHP & MySQL
Content Management System
Framework integration
Semester 4: Certificate in 2D Animation
Basics of 2D animation
Digital Story boarding
Digital 2D Animation


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DGWA ( Program in graphics Web and 2D animation ) is a detailed and more extensive course which trains you to make format for tabloids, book covers, movement illustrations, UI structure, innovative blurbs, conventional liveliness and corporate brand structures such as logo etc . It sets you up to join the consistently extending universe of print and visual media by giving you a nitty gritty knowledge on realistic, website composition and 2D movement. Take up the course and on finish, secure the best position in the industry DGWA is a vocational course that shows you the ideas and essentials of structure alongside different zones like picture altering and page format. You get the chance to adapt bunches of plan components and increase the skill of planning little things like chocolate wrapper to enormous ventures like bulletins and sites.

Content Software Career Options
Semester 1: Certificate in Graphic & Print Design Corel Draw Graphic Designer
Fundamentals of Design & Drawing Adobe InDesign User Interface Designer
LConcepts of Graphic & Illustration Adobe Audition Layout Artist
Image Editing Story Board Pro 2D Animator
Graphic Design Harmony Packaging Designer
Page Layout Artist Adobe Illustrator Illustrator Artist
Semester 2: Certificate in Web & Interactive Design Adobe Dreamweaver Digital Storyboard Artist
Concepts of Web Design HTML & CSS Advertising Art Director
Webpage Designing Adobe Animate CC Web/Interactive Designer
Interactive Design Adobe Photoshop Designer for Interactive E-learning
Video Editing Adobe Premiere UI Designer
Sound Editing JavaScript
Web Animation
Front End Design
Minimalist Design
Semester 3: Certificate in 2D Animation
Basics of 2D animation
Digital Storyboarding
Digital 2D Animation


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